If you are 60 and over, you are at an increasing risk of taking a fall this year.  Make your initial "Avoiding the Fall"
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Falls drastically change lives; let us help!   

FKS MedFit i​s a holistic interactive fall prevention and exercise prehab system, using technology in pursuit of resolving the epidemic of falls in older adults.

We specialize in providing interactive geriatric fall prevention care support for older adults who are at risk for falls, to restore their functional health and well-being.

As geriatric fall prevention specialists, our mission is to take older adults who have experienced falls or are at risk, and are paralyzed with fear, far beyond the traditional therapies to ensure that they never experience another serious fall again. 

​FKS MedFit, the breakthrough program in fall prevention, is designed to improve functional performance in older adults, helping them stay happy, independent, safe at home, and, most importantly, confident on their feet! It is not a matter of if a fall will happen, but when, so call us to help reduce your risk of falls today!
FKS MedFit Prevent the Fall
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Frightening news… in the U.S.,  every 11 seconds an adult over 65  is treated in the emergency room due to a fall (National Council on Aging). Every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall or the results of a fall. Once they have fallen, that older adult doubles their ris k  for falling again!

Good news... FKS MedFit
helps older adults avoid the risk of falls right from their own home! Research recommends for older adults to make exercise a part of their daily routine. Our breakthrough online programs, help anyone master the fundamentals of functional movement performance, to
remain safe and independent wherever they go.


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